Energy Materials

Development of materials and components for the futures environmentally friendly energy technologies. 

Project summary 

One of our modern society's larges challenges is the development of alternatives to fossil energy sources. 

On a global scale there is an understanding of the fact that the combustion of oil and other fossil energy sources have an impact on the earth climate, cause by increased amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, leading to increases in global temperatures.

The futures energy solutions will come from new development within material technology. No matter if we are talking about new solar cells, new fuel cells or new wind mills, breakthrough in material research is key to the continued development.

The goal of the Innovation Consortia is to create solutions for the clean and environmentally friendly energy technologies of the future, based on advanced material technologies. 

The projects work will pave the way for combining heat and power units were the energy comes from renewable sources, by the development of small efficient reformers, competitive gas membranes for gas cleanup and new materials allowing for mass production of fuel cells.

The Danish Technological Institute has a page in Danish about the project.


Jens Oluf Jensen
DTU Energy
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