PEM Durability and Lifetime – Part III (DuraPEM)

Project overview

The main objective of the DuRaPEM project is to develop a pathway and technology for PEM FC’s enabling the national target lifetimes to be met. The project aim is systematically to quantify and improve the durability of PEM FC’s.

The project approach and main scientific targets are summarised below:

  • Obtain fundamental understanding of degradation mechanisms and apply these in order to reduce the voltage decay rate
  • Refinement of accelerated test matrix and apply results to a lifetime model
  • Control the electrochemical solubility of the precious catalyst to extend lifetime and enable regeneration of catalyst at the EoL (End-of-Life)
  • Optimise operating conditions in order to improve lifetime and demonstrate improved lifetime on single cells (LT PEM and HT PEM).

The project is directed at systematically addressing key issues from the individual materials to the stack level. In doing so, a  profound level of understanding is established with respect to optimised materials and technologies that improve durability.


Qingfeng Li
DTU Energy
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17 JUNE 2024