Danish Korean PEM Fuel Cell network

Project summary

There is a general understanding in both Korea and Denmark that it is highly important to collaborate on R&D in order to mitigate the energy supply problems and the climate challenges. In particular, within the four partner’s areas of expertise, i.e. fuel cells and material science, there is a significant perspective to develop more sustainable technologies for the future.

DTU Energy Conversion (DTU) and Danish Power Systems (DPS) has for a few years had contact with Dr. Jin-Soo Park from Sangmyung University (SA). DTU and DPS have in May 2012 visited the Korea Institute for Science and Technology (KIST) in connection with the Danish Business delegation headed by the Danish Crown Prince Couple. The visit a KIST went extremely well and it was acknowledged that the partners have complementary competences within fuel cell research. Thus, it has been agreed between these four partners that the next logical step is to formalize and expand the collaboration further.

The idea is to start a long-term relation between the four entities and in general stimulate the R&D collaboration between Denmark and Korea within fuel cells. Further, it is expected that more institutions and companies from both countries will join the collaboration which will facilitate also the commercial exploitation of results obtained by the R&D activities.

To accomplish these objectives it is being planned to organize a two day workshop in Korea with participants from both countries – from universities, institutions and companies. It is also envisioned to exchange scientific staff between Denmark and Korea.

The Danish Korean Fuel Cell Networks homepage can be found at www.kdfuelcell.net/KDFuelCell


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DTU Energy
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