COmmercial BReakthrough of Advanced Fuel Cells - COBRA

Project Summary

The companies Danish Power Systems and Serenergy, both of Denmark, are devoted to develop and demonstrate a fuel cell system for the production of electricity and heat based entirely on Danish technology. The companies are collaborating with The Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University. The consortium is world leading in the field of HT PEM fuel cell systems

The outcome of the project will be the development of the fuel cell parts and demonstration of 5 kilowatt fuel cell modules that can easily be assembled for use in stand-alone energy supply, for example to replace small electrical generators using diesel or gasoline as fuel. The modules in the project will be using methanol (wood alcohol) as fuel, as this is easy to transport and store, environmentally friendly and saves CO2

For a successful project the result will be substantial savings for the Danish and international societies and the formation of many new jobs.

The project was granted and additional 3 years starting on the 1st of August 2013, to further develop the system and increase robustness and durability.