Extreme Corrosion

Extreme Corrosion resistance Welded Plate (ECWP) heat exchanger

Group Contact for the project is Niels J. Bjerrum or Søren Eriksen from Tantaline 

Project summary

The vision of the project is to develop and market a tantalum coated high temperature Extreme Corrosion resistant Welded Plate (ECWP) heat exchanger having efficiency 5-7 times higher and service life 50 - 100 times longer than state-of-the art shell & tube heat exchangers made from special nickel, titanium, zirconium or tantalum alloys. 

Tantaline, DTU Energy Conversion and Alfa Laval will realize this vision by combining the patented “Alfa Nova” stainless steel heat exchanger series with a purpose designed “Tantalum Surface Alloy” technology, thereby creating an extraordinary high performing product that can be produced at a cost comparable to mainstream nickel alloy heat exchangers.

The overall success criteria in the 3 year funding period is to develop and fabricate industrial scale prototype ECWP heat exchangers with and area of 50 m2 and establish successful field tests for these. 

17 JUNE 2024