Environmental electrochemistry and electrosynthesis in membrane reactors

In our days, many people know of fuel cells and of their ability to directly convert chemical energy into electric energy. However, not many know that a fuel cell can also be used for electrochemical catalyst promotion or as an electrochemical membrane reactor, i.e. as the exact opposite device converting electric energy into chemical energy.

Many scientific groups all over the world are working in this area trying to solve environmental problems by using electrochemical membrane reactors for promoting important catalytic reactions or for creating new routes for these reactions.

The Section for Proton Conductors is no newcomer in this area. As previously part of the Department of Chemistry, we have been working in the field of environmental electrochemistry for more than 10 years. Currently part of the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, we continue to study electrochemical promotion of the SO2 oxidation and NO reduction.

For further information, contact: Irina Petrushina, Niels J. Bjerrum, or Lars N. Cleemann
17 JUNE 2024