Alkaline Electrolysis

High-efficiency, low-cost electrode-surfaces for next generation alkaline electrolysis

Project overview

The overall vision of the project is:

  • To facilitate a fossil-free energy-matrix in Denmark, using hydrogen as an important energy carrier in the storage and conversion of surplus wind-power
  • To establish Danish state-of-the-art know-how on surface engineering of best performing low-cost electrodes and electrolysers for electrochemical H2-production
  • To demonstrate the first technology step towards an energy-sector with 100 % renewable energy fraction, and the possibility to chemically convert CO2, biogas and biomass to valuable fuels for the energy and transport sector.

The present project is seen as a crucial proof-of-concept, forming the basis for a future technology platform based on hydrogen as one of the key energy carriers.
25 JULY 2024