HT-FUMA – High Technology Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Project summary

The project, coordinated by Danish Power Systems, aims to establish serial production of the critical fuel cell component - Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) - on an industrial scale.

Production in a larger scale will give improved MEA quality and expected cost reductions of 90%. This effort will enhance the commercialization of the technology that is anticipated in a larger scale in 2015.

This project consortium, with internationally recognized scientists and world leading technology companies, delivers a strong track record of success. This project can:

  • Define Danish industry as a leader within the HTPEM technology.
  • Benefit society economically, strategically and environmentally.

The project will demonstrate an advanced and flexible production set- up that can simultaneously improve cost, quality and individual customer demands.

The production steps have been analysed and described in details. Some of these have already been documented and tested by the consortium partners. This step-by-step approach minimises risk related to time, money and quality – to secure success.

This funding from The Advanced Technology Foundation may be an important step towards the creation of a promising new cleantech industry in Denmark.
24 JULY 2024