Robust HT-MEAs for Dynamic Operation under Smart Grid Conditions

Project summary

The SmartMEA project builds on knowledge from previous projects and specifically addressed issues with the membrane electrode interface and the robustness of the MEAs for operating under changing conditions in a smart grid scenario.

Previously most of the effort has been on the materials and components level, which is still higly relevant. However, the generic development has reached a state where it is time to start considering the individual applications and especially their operating conditions in more details. This is addressed in the project where (1) the performance is fitted specifically to a smart Grid application and where (2) the Smart Grid application is defined based on the performance capability of the cells.

Expected project outcome

  • Better understanding of the specific role HT-PEMFC can play in a future Smart Grid. Advantages/disadvantages. Benefits from the high temperature heat in a district heating system etc.
  • More robust cells capable of dynamic operation in a Smart Grid
  • Improved acid retention in the fuel cell
    1. By modification of the electrodes
    2. By improvements of the assembly method used
  • Significant lowering of the MEA resistance coming from the electrode – membrane interface
  • Improved sealing materials to make cells compatible with modern stacking techniques.


Jens Oluf Jensen
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 23 14
24 JULY 2024