Upscaling Catalyst Fabrication and Application: Incubation of Laboratory Curios to Competitive Fuel Cell Products

Project overview

Hydrogen and fuel cells are recognized as a strategic approach to the Danish development of future energy systems based on renewable energy sources e.g. windmills. With active Danish players, the polymer fuel cell technology is approaching the threshold of the market. Further improvement in performance, cost and durability is decisive to promote the technology.

The UpCat is proposed to address all these key issues by focusing on the catalysts. The world leading research on platinum alloy and platinum-free catalysts by Danish university groups are extended to industrial fabrication and fuel cell applications. With a consortium consisting of patent holders, end producers and end-users, the UpCat is envisioned to incubate the laboratory curios to competitive fuel cell products. In this way the project is expected to strengthen the Danish leadership in the fields of research and high-tech industry and to promote the commercialization of the sustainable energy technologies.


Qingfeng Li
DTU Energy
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