DTU Energy's second annually PhD symposium 2014

Get insight into the latest research within sustainable energy technologies

Thursday 03 Nov 16
Do not miss this unique opportunity to get insight into the latest research within sustainable energy technologies – join DTU Energy’s annual PhD symposium on 18 November 2016

New research will be presented, business cards exchanged, and networks be founded, when the competent PhD student at 18 November 2016 invites to DTU Energy’s annual PhD symposium. With researchers and students from around the world DTU Energy have a wide and varied range of approaches to research in energy conversion and storage, and this will be reflected in the PhD presentations.

Thus, guests at the symposium will hear about the latest research in lifetime studies of organic solar cells and basic research in electrochemical polymer fuel cells, they will get unique insight into the structures of fibrous adsorbents for biogas upgrading and how interfaces between oxide insulators can be made more multifunctional, and they will get insight into the newest research in metal-air batteries and much more.

Read more about the PhD Symposium here

All the topics have a broad scientific and societal interest and the PhD students will once again try to surpass the last year's high standard of this year's PhD symposium, which takes place on Friday, November 18 at 8:30 to 16:30 in DTU's conference center, DTU Lyngby Campus, Bldg. 101A.

If you want to join DTU Energy’s PhD symposium as a guest, please do so here

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