DTU Energy took part in the Jamboree Denmark 2017

Friday 28 Jul 17

DTU and Jamboree Denmark 2017

DTU Energy took part in the International Jamboree 2017 to give the Danish and international scouts insight into DTU and the Departments research and development in functional materials and their applications to sustainable energy technologies.</span>

DTU Energy took part in the International Jamboree Denmark 2017, the largest jamboree in Denmark, where 36.000 Danish and international scouts and guides met this week in the scenic surroundings of Sønderborg in Southern Jutland.

Scouts from Roskilde had built a wooden Energy-tower, a copy of the Kara combustion plant near Roskilde, and DTU Energy collaborated with the KFUM scouts from the Bolund group to present the research of DTU into many forms of energy technologies, from windmills over electrolysis to research into batteries.

The Mayor of Roskilde Joy Mogensen was among the many interested and curious visitors who passed by and talked about energy. She was very excited about the strong Roskilde collaboration with DTU.

Scouts from 33 different nations participated in the International Jamboree, and several French, British, South American, Norwegian and Swedish scouts were enthusiastic about the combination of the energy tower and talks on energy technologies, taking the Energy Quiz of DTU Energy and having discussions on energy technologies. Among the many topics was the French dependence on nuclear power, the new British decision to phase out diesel and petrol cars from 2040, and what kind of replacement technologies that exist or is in the pipeline to take over after fossile fuels.

Jamboree Denmark 2017

Jamboree Denmark 2017 is a jamboree which is planned and hosted by the five Danish guide and scout associations: Det Danske Spejderkorps, KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark, De grønne pigespejdere, Danske Baptisters Spejderkorps and Dansk Spejderkorps Sydslesvig. The Jamboree had participation from 36.000 scouts from 33 nations, that was gathered in Sønderborg, Denmark, between July 22 – 30 2017.

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