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Innovation Fund Denmark invests 33 million DKK in DTU Energy

Wednesday 03 Dec 14


Jens Oluf Jensen
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 23 14


Peter Vang Hendriksen
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Energy
+45 46 77 57 25
DTU heads nine out of the 15 research projects that will receive funding from Innovation Fund Denmark. Two of those DTU-projects will be headed by DTU Energy.

Innovation Fund Denmark invests 260 million DKK in fifteen projects to promote strategic research in sustainable energy and environmental technology to fulfill the Danish ambition of phasing out fossil fuels by 2050.

The Technical University of Denmark, DTU, heads nine of the energy and environmental projects, and of those two is headed by DTU Energy.

Project NonPrecious under Professor Jens Oluf Jensen is tasked to develop a platinum-free catalyst for polymer fuel cells.

Project SYNFUEL led by Professor Peter Vang Hendriksen will be researching on how to combine electrolysis with biomass gasification to produce more biofuels from the same quantity of biomass.

"We research in making electrolysis cells both stronger and with higher capacity to make the processes more profitable," says Professor Peter Vang Hendriksen.

One-fifth of the projects submitted to the Innovation Fund got funding, and the two projects of DTU Energy are supported with 33 million DKK of a total pool of 260 million DKK.

Read more about DTU's nine projects here, on NonPrecious (in Danish) here and SYNFUEL (in Danish) here

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