Guest Talk by Matthias Arenz 18. nov 2011 on Fuel cells

Thursday 03 Nov 11


Lars Nilausen Cleemann
Head of Section, Associate Professor
DTU Energy
+45 45 25 20 22

Matthias Arenz from University of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry will be giving a Guest talk on Fuel cells the 18th of Nov. 2011 at 11.00.

The topic of the talk is:

Electrochemical energy conversion in low temperature fuel cells

With Matthias Arenz

University of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry


Fuel cells are potential candidates for future energy conversion systems, in particular polymer eletrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) for mobile or staionary applications. In these applications the activity as well as the degradation of the catalyst during dynamic operation, are the main fundamental problems.

In order to avoid the time and cost intensive testing of catalysts in real fuel cells, it is advantageous to screen-test catalysts in electrochemical half-cells.

In this presentaion an overview of the general aspects of activity determinations, accelerated degradation tests, and new tool for studying fuel cell catalyst degradation mechanisms, IL-TEM, developed in our laboratory will be introduced and discussed based on specific examples.


Place: DTU Chemistry, Kemitorvet, build. 207 room 056

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